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OEHA/NEHA Marketing in Ohio

We've been working on a national advertising campaign to raise awareness about the environmental health workforce among decision-makers.

The NEHA Board decided we would like to pilot the campaign in Ohio to offer an extra boost of support for the profession in light of the environmental health response to the recent train derailments.

But, we need EH professionals in Ohio to help us bring the story to life! (See mock-up below.)

We are looking for 2-3 folks to:

  • Share a photo of yourself working in the field/serving the public
  • Share a description of how your work helps to protect the health of your community
  • Share what you like to do in your free time

If you might be interested in participating, please reply to by 12 noon ET on Wednesday March 15. You do not need to submit photos etc. by Wednesday, we would just like to know if you're interested.
Thank you in advance for helping to raise the visibility of your important work in Ohio!


Chana Goussetis
Communications & Marketing Director, NEHA

Nichole Lemin
Region Six VP, NEHA 

NEHA Marketing

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