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2018 OJEH Special Edition

Hello Fellow OEHA Members, 

Let me start by wishing you a Happy 2018 New Year!
You are receiving this special Ohio Journal of Environmental Health, because the board is proposing changes to our by-laws and all of the changes need to be distributed to our membership within the Journal.

The OEHA By-law updates were not ready to be voted on at the 2017 Annual Education Conference (AEC), so I directed Ken Sharkey, OEHA By-laws Chairman, to have his committee review the By-laws once more in preparation to be voted on at the 2018 AEC. Ken and his committee submitted an updated version of the by-laws with many grammatical corrections to the Board. These have been posted to the OEHA website under the Resources Section for your review since the month of May. Now they are officially published in this special journal.

Please take a look at these changes and provide feedback as we will vote on these at the 2018 OEHA AEC. The board is proposing changes to the by-laws that will make it easier and more efficient to develop and distribute our journal. The changes will allow us to distribute the journal electronically, which will significantly reduce the cost of producing the journal. Additionally, there are changes to allow the board to utilize more delivery methods, which include electronic, to distribute future proposed by-law changes.

On behalf of the OEHA Board, I would like to thank all the members of the OEHA By-laws Committee for their time and effort in this process.

 OJEH Special Edition - 2018


Paul DePasquale, MPA, R.S.
OEHA President