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Update from the State Board of Sanitarian Registration


An update from the State Board of Sanitarian RegistrationState Board of Sanitarian Registration

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Board of Sanitarian Registration Moving to Ohio Department of Health


As you may now know, the Governor’s Budget Bill (HB 49) was signed into law on June 29,
2017. As part of that legislation, the Board of Sanitarian Registration was abolished and the
administrative functions related to the registration of sanitarians in Ohio will be moved to the
Ohio Department of Health (ODH). This change becomes effective on September 29, 2017. The
entity formerly known as the RS Board will now be known as the Sanitarian Advisory Board. As
part of this consolidation, the physical location of the office will be moving to 246 North High
Street, Columbus, Ohio, within the ODH Bureau of Environmental Health and Radiation
Protection (BEHRP).

While our name and office location will change, many things will remain the same, including
Stephanie Youst continuing to serve as the Program Administrator for the Sanitarian Advisory
Board. The law has not changed with respect to the requirements to be a Registered
Sanitarian or Sanitarian in Training meaning that:

• Individuals are still required to renew their registration on an annual basis;
• The definition of the practice of environmental health has not changed;
• There is no change in the educational requirements to become registered;
• There is no change in the testing requirement;
• There is no change in the continuing education requirement; and
• The licensure portal (eLicense) will continue to be used for all application and renewal processes.

To facilitate a smooth consolidation, a Transition Team has been formed that consists of several
current Board members, staff members at ODH, Stephanie Youst and Chad Brown representing
OEHA. The Transition Team is working very hard to ensure a smooth transition and will keep
you informed of the progress along the way through notifications in OJEH and postings on the
OEHA and Boards websites (

Obviously there is much work to be done in a very short period of time. Our goal is to provide
you with uninterrupted service during the transition and to maintain the high levels of
customer service you have become accustomed to when dealing with the Board. We look
forward to your continued support during this transition. If you have any questions regarding
the upcoming changes, please do not hesitate to contact the Board office.

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